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Home Improvement

The most simple projects can renew your space and lead to an instant upgrade—and some cost nothing but elbow grease.Technology

Clean Cocktail Table: Polish the surface and edit the items on display. Limit contents to showcase a few favorite things and create a streamlined look.

Swap Seating: Use what you have to vary seating throughout your home. Consider dining chairs in the bedroom, or nursery rocking chairs in the sunroom.

Organize Refrigerator Door: Remove old memos and invitations, edit pictures and art, and create new space. Or adopt a minimal approach and choose to feature one or two items only.

Swap Plants: Consider moving plants to different corners and rooms—They’ll fill each space uniquely, and benefit from new windows.

Clean Lamp Shades: Pay extra attention to removing dust from the inside and outside of lamp shades to improve light quality.

Organize Linen Closet: Sort linens by type, and refold. Roll and stack favorite towels to refresh the look and make items easier to find.

Organize Books: Use what you have to create brand new, conversation-starting bookshelves. Sort by genre and color to make the collection pop, and stack some titles horizontally to add variety.

Swap Artwork: Hang art in a different spaces and play with placement. Let new wall color and lighting bring a fresh perspective to old favorites.

Clean Windows: Pay extra attention to windows and make them shine to welcome more natural light and highlight the texture of window treatments.

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